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ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim

ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim
Weight 274 grams
Width 21 mm
Depth 25 mm
Available Drillings 20, 24, 28 hole
Tire Compatibility tubular, 28"
ERD 607 mm
Product Manuals
Full Enve Owners Manual
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim 20 Hole $780.00 Notify Me When Available
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim 24 Hole $780.00  1 Remaining
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim 28 Hole $780.00  1 Remaining
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim Black Outline Decal $5.00 In Stock
ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Rim Red Outline, White Logo Decal $5.00 In Stock

ENVE 25 Carbon Tubular Details

Combining over 25 years experience in the composites industry and their passion for cycling, Enve Composites has created an innovative product in their 25 carbon tubular rim. This rim really stands out for it's strength to weight ratio. A great climbing specific rim or everyday rider for the weight conscious.

Using a proprietary molding process in which the spoke holes are molded and not drilled, Enve has created a spoke interface that permits the use of higher spoke tensions without compromising the integrity of the rim. Not only does the spoke interface allow for higher tension, it is designed to enhance wheel durability as a whole by limiting spoke fatigue. The result is a low maintenance, long lasting, and exceptionally stiff climbing wheel. Other features of Enve's unique molding process include an elevated brake surface for optimized braking performance and longer rim life, and impact resistant sidewall construction for overall durability.

Each Enve 25 rims include the required Enve nipples and a pair of Enve's proprietary brake pads - please indicate upon purchase whether Shimano or Campagnolo style pads are required

Custom Decals

We're happy to provide you with a selection of custom ENVE Decals exlusively through Fairwheel Bikes. The decals can be ordered separately, with a rim or as a free upgrade with a hand built wheel set. Each sticker is ordered individually and a rim requires six to replace the stock logos.

Wheel Building

We recommend that wheels built with Enve rims be assembled by an experienced wheel builder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a custom wheel build request here.

Shipping ENVE Internationally

We can no longer ship ENVE products outside of the United States. We apologize if this inconveniences you.

ENVE 25 Build Gallery

We've selected a few wheel builds we've done including examples of a few of the decals available.