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ENVE 25 / Tune Wheelset

ENVE 25 / Tune Wheelset
Tune / Enve 1.25 Tubular Wheelbuild Specs
Weight 984 grams
Front Hub Tune Mig 45
Rear Hub Tune Mag 170
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray, black
Rims Enve 1.25
Spoke Count 20 front, 24 rear
Use road racing, hill climbing
Tire Compatibility 28" tubular
Product Manuals
Full Enve Owners Manual
ENVE 25 / Tune Wheelset Shimano $2,326.00 Notify Me When Available

This wheelset defines lightweight performance, weighing in at an extraordinary 984 grams. The ENVE 1.25, the lightest road rim we stock, stands out as the pinnacle strength-to-weight ratio rim. Laced up to Tune's MIG/MAG hubs on Sapim CX-Ray spokes, this wheelset is perfect for climbers looking to shave grams without sacrificing performance or reliability. The Tune hubs really complete this build and add high end performance, stiffness, and serviceability.

ENVE 1.25 Rims

ENVE Composites has created an innovative product in their 1.25 carbon tubular rim. Using a proprietary molding process in which the spoke holes are molded and not drilled, ENVE has created a spoke interface that permits the use of higher spoke tensions without compromising the integrity of the rim. And not only does the spoke interface allow for higher tension, it is designed to enhance the durability of the wheel as a whole by limiting spoke fatigue. The result is a low maintenance, long lasting, and highly durable wheel. Other features include an elevated brake surface for optimized braking performance and longer rim life, and impact resistant sidewall construction for overall durability.

Tune MIG 45 Hub

The Tune Mig 45 is almost as much a showpiece as it is a functional and lightweight hub. Using the same basic three piece floating flange design of Tune's mainstay Mig 70, The Mig 45 incorporates straight pull, carbon reinforced flanges and a full length 15 mm carbon axle. The substitution of this carbon material shaves an incredible 25 grams off an already lightweight design, and adds a modicum of aesthetic appeal as well. The straight pull flanges create a secure foundation for spoke heads to minimize long term spoke fatigue, along with a wide bracing angle for laterally stiff wheel builds. One of the lightest front hubs available, the MIG 45 weighs in at 50 grams

Tune MAG 170 Hub

The 170 is Tune’s latest iteration of their lightweight rear hub design. When compared to their predecessors, several key improvements are apparent. The most dramatic change is the move from a 15 mm axle to a 17 mm aluminum axle. This increase in diameter helps to save weight while increasing the stiffness of the hub assembly. In order to accommodate the larger axle size, Tune had to redesign the rest of the hub. Internally, each bearing has been effectively downsized to save weight and to fit the larger axle. The hub shell itself has slightly increased in diameter, along with the drive mechanism. And in redesigning the hub shell, Tune improved the flange spacing for better spoke bracing angles, ultimately leading to stronger, laterally stiffer wheel builds. The Tune MAG 170 weighs in at an impressive 170 grams

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

The CX-Ray is Sapim's flagship high performance spoke. Don't let the low weight of these spokes fool you; the CX Ray's tested tensile strength is nearly 50% better than a standard straight gauge spoke, with a fatigue life three times as long. These spokes hold their own under the world's best athletes: road racers, triathletes, and even downhill racers. Consequently, the CX-Ray is the go-to spoke for any high end wheelset, from low spoke count climbing wheels to ultra-durable, high-strength 32 spoke mountain wheels. These are the lightest and most durable stainless steel spokes available today.