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EE Cycleworks Brakeset

EE Cycleworks Brakeset
EE Cycleworks Brakeset
EE Cycleworks Brakeset
EE Cycleworks Brakeset
EE Cycleworks Brakeset

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EE Brake Specifications
Weight, Complete 169 grams
Linkage Material 7075-T6 aluminum
Bolt Material 6/4 titanium
Reach 39-49 mm
Max Rim Width28.5 mm
Maximum Recommended Tire Size 28c
Installation Instruction
Available Here.
EE Cycleworks Brakeset Black $630.00 Notify Me When Available
EE Cycleworks Brakeset Direct Mount, Front, Aero, Black $315.00 In Stock
EE Cycleworks Brakeset Direct Mount, Front, Light, Black $315.00 Notify Me When Available
EE Cycleworks Brakeset Direct Mount, Front, Madone, Black $315.00 In Stock
EE Cycleworks Brakeset Direct Mount, Rear, Black $315.00 Notify Me When Available

The Next Generation

The latest iteration of the EE Cycleworks brake expands on many of the features that have lead it to be one of the finest brakesets available. It seems unlikely that EE Cycleworks would be able to improve on the best brake on the market, but each generation of EE brakes comes stocked with a sizeable list of improvements.

Wider: The overall shape of the EE brake has been slightly altered to allow the accommodation of rims between 18 - 28 mm wide, while running up to a 28c tire.

Leverage: The leverage of the EE brake has been altered slightly to allow flawless operation on a variety of brake lever styles and brands. As always, the EE works flawlessly with Shimano levers, however Sram and Campy users can rest assured that the changes in leverage have resulted in an even playing field.

Stiffness: Each EE Brake in the most recent generation takes advantage of thinner bushings at each pivot point, which results in a further increase in stiffness. The design of the brake arm shape has been modified slightly, resulting in increased stiffness, power, and modulation. EE has continued to utilize forged brake arms that have proven to be more durable and rigid than other 100% machined brakes.

Adjustability: EE has done away with the familiar stainless steel pivot used to center the brake and replaced it with a simple mechanism that no longer requires a tool for adjustment. In order to accommodate for pad height adjustment EE Cycleworks has adopted the commonly used method of simply lengthening the brake pad slots to provide more adjustability.

The EE Brake has once again proven itself to be the yardstick by which all other brakes are measured.


The EE Brake from EE Cycleworks continues to be the nicest brakeset we've ever encountered. One of the features we’ve grown to love is the design of the brake pad carrier. Changing the pad requires no special tools and only takes a few seconds. The pads are held in place using a notch and groove system, with no chance of moving under forward or backwards braking forces. However, the pad itself can be pried and slid right from the holder. This is truly a dream brake for those who switch between carbon and aluminum rims on a regular basis. Braking performance is quite impressive; on par if not exceeding the industry-leading offers from Shimano and Campagnolo. The aesthetics of the brake vary slightly from the last generation, but remain to be one of the most handsome options available. The plastic plug with the EE logo printed in front is now replaceable, and will be available in multiple colors, ensuring a proper color match for any build. The flanges around each bushing have also been done away with, allowing for a sleeker look while simultaneously using thinner bushings. The thinner bushings result in increased stiffness and therefore a better brake.

Direct Mount

With the introduction of a direct mount option for the EE brake it's a fact that this will be the stand out brake of the fledgling standard. Lighter than the BR-9010 from Shimano it will provide the same braking force and will set a new standard for adjust-ability and feel amongst all other brake companies. Compatability with frames will vary refer to the chart below for more information.

EE BRake Direct Mount Frame Compatibility
Frame Front Brake Rear Brake
Trek Madone Front, Madone Rear, Standard
Trek Emonda Front, Aero
Front, Light
Front, Light
Parlee ESX Front, Aero
Front, Light
Rear, Standard
Colnago VR1 Front, Aero
Front, Light
Rear, Standard
Felt Does not use Direct Mount Rear, Standard