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Eclipse Tubeless Valve

Eclipse Tubeless Valve
Eclipse Tubeless Valve
Eclipse Tubeless Valve

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Weight9 grams
ValvePresta, removable core
Eclipse Tubeless Valve Tubeless Valve $8.25 In Stock


Weight Weenie favorite, Eclipse, Swiss producer of the world’s lightest bicycle inner tube is not only an inner tube manufacturer, but also the brain behind their own tubeless and tubeless conversion kits. These kits are available through Fair Wheel Bikes here. From the standpoint of maintenance, or even routine usage, we recognize the need for spare parts to replace older used ones, or simply as an upgrade from OEM parts. For this reason Eclipse removable core tubeless valves are now available for purchase.

Designed to work perfectly with Eclipse tubeless and tubeless conversion kits, the Eclipse tubeless valve is compatible with most other tubeless kits.