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Eclipse Tubeless Kits

Eclipse Tubeless Kits
Eclipse Tubeless Kits
Eclipse Tubeless Kits
Eclipse Tubeless Kits
Rim OD Compatibility22 - 26 mm
Tire CompatibilityUST Tubeless
Valve Length45 mm
Rim Tape3 grams
Rim Strip25 grams
Valve9 grams
Eclipse Tubeless Kits Tubeless Rim Tape $8.25 Notify Me When Available
Eclipse Tubeless Kits Tubeless Valve $8.25 In Stock


Swiss manufacturer, Eclipse, most notable for producing the world's lightest inner-tube, now offers a lightweight option for those who currently use, or are looking to convert to a tubeless setup. Unlike many other tubeless manufacturers, Eclipse has designed 2 separate kits that are specifically tailored to accommodate both tubeless or non-tubeless rims respectively.

Many of us know the frustrations of trying to convert a non-tubeless rim unsuccessfully. Eclipse has heard your curses of frustration to the Mountain Bike Gods and has answered in kind with their own solution. The Eclipse kit, unlike other brands, utilizes 2 different rim strips to guarantee a safe interface between tire and rim, while minimizing the possibility of air leaking out of spoke holes or rim seams.

Similar to the tubeless conversion kit, the standard kit from Eclipse is an excellent, and incredibly light way to convert your already tubeless rated rims into race-ready mountain wheels. The only difference between the two systems is the use of 1 simple rim strip vs the 2 used in the conversion kit. Both kits, when set up properly allow the rider to safely run tire pressures as low as 2 bar (30 psi).

Each kit comes with everything you'll need, short of a pump or compressor. Complete with valve, rim strip (2 for the conversion kit), sealant, and detailed instructions.


Eclipse Tubeless Kits are only compatible with UST rated tires.