Easton R90 SL / DT Swiss 240s Wheelset


When describing a wheelset built using Easton’s R90 SL rims, DT-Swiss 240 hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes the word we want to use is "workhorse." Yet, what does workhorse mean? Merriam-Webster's second definition is "a dependable machine or vehicle that is used to do a lot of work." Or, in other words, a wheelset meant to be ridden in a variety of conditions, over long miles with emphasis placed on dependability and serviceability.

As custom wheel builders, spec’ing a wheelset to fit this workhorse definition is something we take a lot of pride in. Our first consideration is context: Are the wheels’ components able to handle a wide variety of situations and terrain riders may find themselves in? For a 700c clincher wheelset, this would include (at a minimum) cyclocross, gravel, road training and even a bit of racing. Secondly, we consider long-term durability. Not only should the wheelset perform well in these situations, it should be able to do so with minimal maintenance and long service intervals. Finally, when service does become necessary, it should be a simple task when entrusted with a competent mechanic.

We feel by picking Easton’s R90 SL rim we’ve addressed all these issues. The 25mm (19.5mm internal) wide rim is perfect for tires into the Cyclocross / Gravel grinder widths. Compared to other aluminum rims in its class, the R90 SL has a slighly deeper cross-section, yielding increased strength and stiffness which should be welcome on flats and fast roads. Easton's superior manufacturing quality means you’ll be riding these rims without hassle for years.

For hubs, the DT Swiss’ tried-and-true 240s hubset bring simplicity, longevity, and ease of service. When you're looking at a building a workhorse wheelset, you want your most complex component to be serviceable by any shop. You want parts that are easy to replace and source. With this in mind, the 240s is our hub of choice.

Spokes are often the unsung heroes of any wheel build, and like all unsung heroes are often only discussed when something is going wrong. With this in mind we picked the Sapim CX-ray spoke. If you’ve talked to us about custom wheels or noticed our wheels before, chances are you’ve seen that we’re a fan of the CX-Ray for the simple reason, that it’s a workhorse spoke. We've made this wheelset available in both 20/24 and 24/28 spoke counts. Generally, the lower spoke count set is suitable for riders under 165 pounds (75 kg). while the higher spoke count set is suitable for heavier and more powerful riders, or simply those who want a wheelset with better long-term durability.

Custom Wheels

If you're looking for a custom version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.

Weight 20/24 spoke - 1440 grams
24/28 spoke - 1477 grams
Tire Compatibility Tubeless
Rim Width (Outer / Inner) 25mm / 19.5mm
Axle Compatibility Quick Release
Aluminum Clincher Wheelsets
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road
Freehub Body:
Freehub Body: