Easton R90 SL, Chris King R45 Disc Wheelset


Easton R90 SL Disc

Arguably one of the finest choices for road disc and cyclocross builds to date, the R90 SL Disc rim from Easton is an incredibly versatile option that’s ready to tackle any terrain you throw its way. Featuring a 24mm outside diameter and a wide 19.5mm inside diameter, the R90 SL has the ability to accommodate tire widths ranging from 23mm road to 32mm+ cyclocross standards, making it perfect for a variety of performance-driven wheelbuilds. Additionally, with its 27mm deep cross-section, the R90 SL Disc offers each rider the aerodynamic benefits of wider and deeper rims, while simultaneously shaving grams to keep overall wheel weight to a minimum. Easton R90 SL rims are tubeless compatible when equipped with the appropriate valves and rim tape.

Chris King R45 Hubs (CenterLock Disc)

The R45 Disc brings disc brake compatibility to road and gravel bikes with Chris King's legendary performance and durability. Manufactured with intense pride in Portland, Oregon, Chris King R45 hubs are touted by many as the Swiss watch of the cycling world. Utilizing a proprietary freehub body and ratchet design, Chris King offers quick, precise engagement on or off the road for quick getaways and aggressive attacks. Unquestionably one the most durable hubs on the market, each R45 is additionally equipped with a simple bearing preload adjustment system that allows the hubs to be fine tuned for any sort of weather and conditions.

We chose to use CenterLock hubs as the stock rotor interface for this wheelset, but you can order the set with six bolt if you want. The reason we chose CenterLock is because we feel like the standard allows an improvement in rotor design by providing a deeper interface and therefor improved carrier design. Plus, if you'd like to go with an after market six bolt rotor design and have a CenterLock hub there are plenty of adapters, like these KCNC adapters

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

Used by companies like Zipp, ENVE, and Reynolds, the CX-Ray from Sapim is the go-to spoke for many of the world’s elite wheel manufacturers. Due to Sapim’s proprietary forging process, the CX-Ray possesses all of the benefits of high rigidity and an aerodynamic profile with none of the weight penalties. In fact, each Sapim CX-Ray spoke has a tensile strength of up to 50% more than a straight gauge spoke and a fatigue life of nearly 3 times as long.

Custom Wheels

If you're looking for a custom version of this wheelset or want to discuss if this is the right set of wheels for you we are happy to talk. Please contact us directly (Phone: (520) 624-3045, Email: feedback@fairwheelbikes.com) or contact us via email on this form.

Spoke Type j-bend
Freehub Body Options Shimano Road, SRAM
Axle Compatibility Quick Release (9 x 100mm, 10 x 135mm)
12x100mm, 12 x 142mm
Warranty Rims: Manufacturer Warranty
Hubs: Five Year
Wheelset Weight, g
28 / 28 Spoke Count 1578.28
Rim Specifications
Outer Width24mm
Inner Width19.5mm
Tubeless CompatibleYes
Aluminum Clincher Wheelsets
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road
Freehub Body:
Road Disc