DT Swiss Bladed Spoke Holder

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Arguably responsible some some of the most well made, modular hubs on the market, DT Swiss is an industry heavy hitter with a penchant for excellent design. As producers of the venerable 350 and 240 hubs, DT Swiss proves themselves to be forward thinking visionaries as well as master craftsmen.

Any experienced wheelbuilder has at some point built wheels around a bladed spoke platform. With the ever rising popularity of aerodynamic wheels in both the MTB and road cycling world, bladed spokes are becoming more and more commonplace. As any builder knows, keeping your aero spokes from rotating during the tensioning process can be an uphill battle. DT Swiss has solved this issue by creating a heavy duty spoke holder constructed from steel and aluminum. Designed to withstand the rigorous abuse of daily shop life, the DT bladed spoke holders can be operated using one hand, leaving the other to handle the spoke wrench or nipple screwdriver. Each bladed spoke holder is compatible from between 0.8 - 1.0mm and 1.0 - 1.3mm ranges, and are conveniently color coded to easily tell the difference on the fly.

Weight31 grams
Bladed Spoke Compatibility
Red0.8 - 1.0mm
Black1.0 - 1.3mm
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