DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull Centerlock Rear Hub

$219.90 - $248.90

Stefan Spahr’s official title at DT Swiss is “Head of Wheels”; very fitting considering he has been at the forefront of DT’s innovative hub and wheel program for over two decades.  When he joined the company in 1995, his journey began with work on continually refining and improving the existing concepts behind the Hugi hub.  His goals have centered on the objectives of designing a lightweight hub that is reliable and easy to service, while also being modular, allowing it to cover a wide range of applications with little modification.  These objectives led to the introduction of the Hugi 98 hub, after which came the 240 series as we know it today.  One of the most important elements of DT’s hub design is their Star Ratchet freehub mechanism.  While this ratchet mechanism is regarded as one of the best performing available, the design is incredibly simple.  Besides the freehub body itself, there are only four parts to deal with when servicing the system: 2 springs and 2 ratchet rings.  This makes serving your freehub or swapping out to a different freehub standard a quick and easy job with no special tools required.  Not only are DT freehub bodies easy to swap, most of their hubs can easily be adapted to different frame and axle standards by simply changing the axle end caps.

With the DT Swiss 350 series hubs, all the performance and reliability of the higher-end siblings is present, however at a much lower price point and with only a slight weight penalty.  This thru-axle, disc brake version of the hub features straight pull flanges and a centerlock disc rotor mount (hubs include adapters for mounting 6-bolt rotors).  This straight-pull version of the famed 350 hub series has distinct advantages over traditional (J-bend) flange designs.; using straight-pull spokes allows excess material to be removed from the flanges, allowing lighter hub weights without sacrificing durability.  Another advantage is as the spoke enters and exits the flange in a straight line toward the rim, there is no excess stress put on the hub flanges or spokes, leading to increased durability.  The advantages this straight pull design, along with the tried-and-true DT Star Ratchet freehub mechanism and the overall reliability, durability, and serviceability of DT Swiss hubs makes the value of this high-performance hub undeniable.


The 350 Centerlock platform features maximum adaptability between different axle standards and freehub body types, making it acceptable for use in multiple applications.  When ordering, please consider proper spoke hole drilling, axle type, and cassette compatibility.  We recommend bladed spokes be selected when building straight pull wheels as they are the easiest way to combat spoke windup.  Check out the DT Spoke Calculator or contact us if you have questions on which parts to select for your next wheel build.

Bearing Sizes6902 x 2 (hubshell), 6802 x 2 (freehub body)
Available Drillings24 hole
28 hole
Axle Standard TA 12x142
Weight (24 Hole, 12 x 142 Thru Axle)227 grams
Weight (28 Hole, 12 x 142 Thru Axle)227 grams
Wheel Building Dimensions
Drive side flange diameter45.5 mm
Non drive side flange diameter39 mm
Drive side Center to Flange17.9 mm
Non drive Center to Flange33.3 mm
Drive side Spoke Hole Offset0 mm
Non drive Spoke Hole Offset0.866 mm
Rear Disc Brake Hubs
DT Swiss
Road Disc
TA 12x142
Freehub Body:
Shimano Micro Spline
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road 11
Freehub Body:
Freehub Body: