DT Swiss 350 Centerlock Front Hub

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DT Swiss changed the face of cycling when they introduced their DT 350 road hubs, a durable and extremely affordable alternative to the famous DT 240. By limiting the amount of available spoke drillings, and changing a few things throughout the manufacturing process, DT was able to create an incredibly durable hub option that is designed for budget minded cyclists who require a high level of performance and longevity. Equipped with the venerable DT star ratchet system, and the same internals as their 240 counterparts, each DT 350 is guaranteed to last through many seasons of abuse and is backed up by over 10 years of industry use.

In response to popular demand, DT has taken a great leap forward for the mountain and road disc community by offering disc versions of the DT 350 hub set in nearly every standard. Affordable durability coupled with unparalleled performance is finally an option for handbuilt disc wheelsets.

With surprisingly few moving parts, DT Swiss hubs are by far the easiest to overhaul, and require no specialty tools. Along with serviceability, DT is well known for their modular design and construction, enabling nearly any configuration of axle diameter, frame/fork spacing, or brake system. Each end cap is easily replaced in seconds with nothing more than a vise and/or a set of 5 mm allen wrenches.

Each DT 350 hub is backed by a full 2 year warranty against defects in materials and construction.

Front, Centerlock,
Flange Diameter44 mm
Center to Left Flange22.4 mm
Center to Right Flange35 mm
Weight156 grams
Front, 6 bolt, 15 mm Thru
Flange Diameter, Left58 mm
Flange Diameter, Right52 mm
Center to Left Flange22.4 mm
Center to Right Flange35 mm
Weight172 grams
Front Disc Brake Hubs
Road Disc
TA 12 x 100
TA 15 x 100