DT Swiss 240s Straight Pull Centerlock Rear Hub

$426.90 - $454.90

As disc brakes become ever more common on bikes of every style, the demand for reliable, lightweight disc hubs has skyrocketed. With so many options on the market, choosing the right hub for your application can be daunting.

DT Swiss has been producing their 240s hub line for over a decade and strives to accommodate the ever changing standards of the bike industry. The solid construction and impeccable design provide riders a reliable hub that will withstand abuse for many years with proper maintenance. With a pedigree so exalted it is easy to see why DT Swiss has become so well known with cyclists of every sect. Racers and professional wheel builders choose DT hubs when dependability and longevity are paramount.

Straight Pull hubs offer some distinct advantages over traditional flanged hubs. With the spoke exiting the flange in a direct line to the rim, the common spoke failure point found at the bend is eliminated. With current high quality spokes it is rarer that we see failure at the bend these days, but that isn’t the only benefit straight pull hubs offer. The hub flanges have been machined to remove any excess material allowing for lighter hubs without sacrificing durability. While there is no flexibility in the lacing pattern, it has been optimized by DT to provide a stiffer more responsive wheel with ideal strength to weight characteristics.


The 240s Centerlock platform features maximum adaptability between different axle standards and freehub body types, making it acceptable for use in both mountain and road disc applications. When ordering, please consider proper spoke hole drilling, axle type, and cassette compatibility. We recommend bladed spokes be selected when building straight pull wheels as they are the easiest way to combat spoke windup. Check out the DT Spoke Calculator or contact us if you have questions on which parts to select for your next wheel build.

Bearing Sizes6902 (2), 6802 (2)
Available Drillings24, 28 hole
Axle Standard QR 135, TA 12x142
Weights (grams)
24 Hole, 12mm Thru Axle218.4 g
28 Hole, 12mm Thru Axle220.2 g
24 Hole, Quick Release227.3 g
28 Hole, Quick Release230.4 g
Wheel Building Dimensions
Drive side flange diameter38.5mm
Non drive side flange diameter45.5mm
Drive side Center to Flange33.0mm
Non drive Center to Flange20.2mm
Drive side Spoke Hole Offset1.15mm
Non drive Spoke Hole Offset1.65mm
Rear Disc Brake Hubs
Black / Red
Road Disc
QR 135
TA 12 x 142