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Cycle Passion Calendar, 2010

Cycle Passion Calendar, 2010
Cycle Passion Calendar, 2010
Cycle Passion Calendar, 2010 Calendar 2010 $50.00
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The 2014 Cyclepassion Calendar is now in stock.


Fairwheel Bikes is pleased to bring you the 2010 Cycle Passion calendar. The 2010 edition features artful photos of such cycling stars as Sabine Spitz, Steffi Marth, Lene Byberg, Julie Krasniak, Nikki Harris, Monia Baccaille, Anna Sanchis, and Solveig Lindgren.

40 cm x 68 cm // 15,75" x 20,72"

Anna Sanchis poses for the cover of the 2010 Cyclepassion Calendar
Sabine Spitz in a corset
Monia Baccaille posing for February
Lene Byberg with a inner tube bracelet for March
Anna Sanchis of Spain with an inner tube necklace
U23 British National Road Race Champion Nikki Harris posing for May with a cog around her neck
Mountain Biker and Worldcup winner Lene Byberg poses for the Cyclepassion calendar
Spanish National Road Race Champion Anna Sanchis in fishnet
2008 Olympic gold Medalist Sabine Spitz
French Cyclist Julie Krasniak
Mountain bikers Steffi Marth and Solveig Lindgren pose for the 2010 Cyclepassion
Italian national road race champion Monia Baccaille posses with a tune wheel
German 4 cross champion Steffi Marth
Anna Sanchis graces the back cover of the 2010 Cyclepassion calendar