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Custom Handbuilt Wheel Quote

Fair Wheel Bikes Custom Wheels

For over 30 years, Fair Wheel Bikes has provided professionally hand built custom wheels to professional cyclists, recreational riders, and everyone in between. Based in the temperate climes of Southern Arizona, Fair Wheel works year round providing our local riders with high quality and exotic components. We don't see why you shouldn't be able to take advantage of our resources and depth of experience just because we're not in your town. So whether you know what you want or need some guidance, our professional wheel builders (with a combined experience of over 50 years!) will be happy to help you find exactly what will fit your needs.

If you know exactly what you want, simply enter the component choices into the comments field and we'll review and confirm compatibility of the build and then contact you with a price quote and estimated delivery time. By requesting this quote, you are under no obligation to make a purchase, so let your imagination run wild.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of your options, enter any details you think are important into the comments field. Let us know your size, riding style, tubular/clincher preference, and what sort of rides and events you'll be using them for. Also let us know if you have any aesthetic preferences, or some ideas of price, weight, material, etc... This will be a good starting point; from there we'll contact you and collect more information and then put together several options to help you obtain just the right wheelset for yourself.

Typically, the price for custom wheelset is equal to or less than the total of its parts. In the event that all the individual wheel components are purchased from Fair Wheel Bikes, it is our policy to include the assembly labor at no extra charge.

We have a huge selection of components to choose from. Below is a sampling of our best-selling products, but many more options exist, and we are able to special order just about anything that we don't immediately have on hand.

Custom Decal Options

Enve SMART 6.7, SMART 3.4, SMART 8.9, 25 mm, 45 mm, 65 mm, 6.7 System, 26", 29"
Kinlin TB-25, XC-279, XR-19w, XR-270, XR-300, XR-380
Pacenti SL23
Stan's Alpha 340, Alpine, Crest, Flow, Arch EX
H PLUS SON Archetype, TB14
Tune Mig 45, Mig 70, Mag 150, Mag 170, King, Kong
Alchemy Elf, Orc, Orc UL
CycleOps Powertap G3
Extralite UltraFront SX, UltraRear SX, UltraFront SPM, UltraRear SLX, UltraRear SPX, HyperDisc, HyperCamber 2, HyperLefty
Chris King R45 Front, R45 Rear
White Industries H2 Front, H3 Rear, T11 Front and Rear
DT Swiss 180, 240s, 340; J-Bend and Straight-Pull
DT Swiss Aerolite, AeroComp, Competition, SuperComp, Revolution
Sapim CX-Ray, Race, Laser, Leader
Pillar Megalite SS
DT Swiss brass (black and silver), aluminum (seven colors), Prolock
Sapim brass (black and silver), aluminum (six colors)
Pillar internal hex head