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Chris King R45 Front Hub

Chris King R45 Front Hub
Chris King R45 Front Hub
Chris King R45 Front Hub
Chris King R45 Front Hub

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Weight 102 grams
Bearing Size proprietary stainless steel
Axle Diameter 17 mm
Available Drillings* 20, 24, 28, 32 hole
Available Colors* black, brown, red, silver, gold,
navy, pewter, mango, green, pink
Use road, cyclocross
Wheel Building Dimensions
Flange Diameter 39.8 mm
Center to Flange 34.8 mm
Product Manuals
R45 Hub Specifications
R45 Hub Owners Manual
R45 Hub Service Manual
*All drillings and colors are available through special order. Contact Us for availability.
Chris King R45 Front Hub Black, 20 Hole $205.00  1 Remaining
Chris King R45 Front Hub Black, 24 Hole $205.00 In Stock
Chris King R45 Front Hub Pink, 20 Hole $205.00 In Stock
Chris King R45 Front Hub Red, 20 Hole $205.00 Notify Me When Available
Chris King R45 Front Hub Red, 24 Hole $205.00 In Stock
Chris King R45 Front Hub Silver, 20 Hole $205.00 In Stock


The R45 series is Chris King's response to market demand for a purpose-built road racing hubset. The R45's predecessor, the "Classic" series, was originally designed for mountain use, and merely adapted to standard road widths. Overbuilt bearing seals and the patently loud ratchet system that made these hubs so popular for mountain bikers hindered their success in the road market. Reengineering of that classic design has yielded a hub set with lower seal drag, quieter operation, and a 20% lower overall weight. The R45 hubs are also available in the lower spoke hole counts popular in modern road wheel sets. As with all of Chris King's products, these hubs feature immaculate finish work; the hub shells are highly polished prior to anodizing, which yields a deep, vibrant hue to each of the ten color options.

The R45 front hub features a super stiff 17 mm aluminum axle for superior performance under the lateral stresses that are encountered in cornering and hard sprints. The stainless steel in-house manufactured bearings are fully serviceable using simple tools. Detailed service instructions are included.

Chris King products are manufactured with pride and confidence in Portland, Oregon, USA. R45 hubs are covered under a 5 year warranty against manufacturing and materials defects.


We recommend that wheels with Chris King hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.