Carbon-Ti X-Plug Expander


Emerging from a wealth of industry experience from parent company LLS Titanium, Carbon-Ti is an Italian components manufacturer with a keen eye for design. By utilizing real world input from reputable professional cyclists, Carbon-Ti is able to produce a plethora of components designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The X-Expander from Carbon-Ti is an excellent example of their machining and design prowess. Even at first glance, it’s easy to tell the X-Expander is a well thought out, carefully crafted removable headset expander, perfect for those running forks with a carbon steerer. Compatible with any fork with an inner steerer diameter from 21.2mm to 25mm, the X-Expander is an incredibly versatile investment. Easy to install and remove, the Carbon-Ti X-Expander uses a simple 8mm allen wrench to set into place, with aggressively knurled wedges to properly secure it’s position.

The Carbon-Ti X-Expander is proudly manufactured in Italy.

Weight14 grams
Steerer Inner Diameter Compatibility21.2mm - 25mm