Carbon-Ti SL X-Hub 15mm Front Disc Hub

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Since 2005, Carbon-Ti has been carving a name for themselves as a highly reputable manufacturer of elite cycling components. Drawing from the experience of their parent company, LLS Titanium, Carbon-Ti is able to show a tremendous about of engineering and material science knowhow. Additionally utilizing real world input from cycling professionals, Carbon-Ti is able to craft parts guaranteed to meet the strenuous requirements of the modern mountain biker.

Demonstrating the same level of design excellence found in the rear SL X-Hub, the front SL X-Hub is a testament to Carbon-Ti’s attention to detail. Featuring a variety of elegantly machined slots on each flange, as well as a tool free, ingenious way of adjusting bearing preload, the SL X-Hub proves itself to be a thoroughly thought out component for your next build. Utilizing a knurled cone for bearing preload, the SL X-Hub can being effortlessly adjusted with one hand, saving you time and frustration.

Rock Shox RS-1 Conversion Axle

The Carbon-Ti RS-1 conversion smoothly integrates their own front X-Hub MTB SL with the Rock Shox RS-1 suspension standard. Complete with their ingenious tool free bearing preload adjustment cone, the RS-1 conversion not only installs quickly, but makes hub adjustments on the fly a breeze. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the link provided in the table.

All Carbon-Ti components are proudly manufactured in Italy.


We recommend that all wheels built with Carbon-Ti hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly.

Weight106 grams
Material7075 T-6 aluminum
Bearings6803 x 2
Wheel Building Instructions
Left Flange Diameter54.5 mm
Right Flange Diameter54.5 mm
Center to Left Flange33 mm
Center to Right Flange22.5 mm
Product Manual
Carbon-Ti Front SL X-Hub Manual
Carbon-Ti RS-1 Hub Conversion
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Road Disc
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