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Cane Creek eeBrake El Rosado Special Edition Kit

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Product Description

Cane Creek proudly introduces the first limited edition color of their newest generation (G4) eeBrake, the “El Rosado” edition. Anodized in a striking combination of magenta and black, the El Rosados are one of the most beautiful and unique brakesets available. Not only is this the first limited version of the G4 eeBrake, it is also the first time that the limited variant comes packaged as a kit also containing matching smaller Cane Creek EE Cycleworks parts. The El Rosado kit contains the eeNut preload assembly and eeBarKeep bar ends; both which feature matching anodized magenta center bolts. While there is no mistaking the sharp aesthetics of Cane Creek’s EE product line, they are also some the lightest and best performing products on the market (full product descriptions of each component can be found below). The El Rosado is available only as a kit containing one set of regular mount G4 eeBrakes, the eeNut preload assembly, and the eeBarKeep bar ends. As with all of Cane Creek's limited EE Cycleworks colors, this is a small batch product run that will not be remade.

EE G4 2018 Brakeset

The latest generation of the eeBrake from American Manufacturer Cane Creek continues its run as the absolute benchmark of road brake calipers. The EE G4 brake is one of the lightest road brakes, but through careful engineering it makes no compromise on all-out braking power and an impressive power curve for excellent modulation. Braking performance is quite impressive; on par if not exceeding the industry-leading offers from Shimano and Campagnolo. The aesthetics of the brake vary slightly from the last generation, but remain one of the most handsome options available. The flanges around each bushing have also been removed, creating a sleeker look while allowing for the use of thinner bushings. These new bushings increase stiffness in the caliper actuation, improving brake response and lever feedback. One of the EE Brakes' unchanged features is the unique design of the brake pad carrier. Changing the pad requires no special tools and only takes a few seconds. The pads are securely held in place using a notch and groove system, with no chance of moving under forward or backwards braking forces. However, the pad itself can be quickly removed by hand right from the holder. This feature is especially useful for those who switch between carbon and aluminum rims on a regular basis.

G4 Updates
Changes from the previous G3 model include the following:

  • Return/centering spring changed from silver to black and increased in gauge for greater stiffness.
  • Width of the main pivots increased by 4mm, optimized for 22-28mm rim widths
  • Tire clearance increased to fit up to 30/31mm widths 
  • Barrel adjuster changed from steel to titanium
  • Logo badge changed from rubber coated clip to machined aluminum (Those looking to add a custom flair to their G4 brakes can still install the colored logo badges from the previous G3 brake)
  • Updated centering adjustment dial

eeNut Preload Assembly

Cane Creek's eeNut is a combination expander and top cap, two intricate and beautifully engineered components. Taking relatively simple ideas and honing them into elegant and effective components takes talent and an uncompromising drive to push limits. While the eeNut is quite fancy, the finished product is remarkably straightforward. The deeply sculpted top cap pairs perfectly with the heavily recessed expander plug. With only four individual parts, the expander appears fairly rudimentary, but the genius behind it is noteworthy. The expansion rings are captive to the tightening mechanism, eliminating the possibility of misplacing or misaligning them. The integrated height/alignment skirt ensures proper installation without measuring or worrying. This simple design allows for minimal material requirements and truly makes this cap/expander combo the best available. Paired together, the two components of the eeNut become one of the lightest options on the market, with a combined weight less than 10 grams.

The eeNut's expander is intended for use with steer tubes with an inside diameter of 22.8mm to 25mm.

eeBarKeep Bar Ends

The frustration of a lost handlebar plug is near-universal, with almost all cyclists experiencing this feeling at some point. Beyond exposing delicate grip ends or allowing handlebar tape to unravel, a missing bar plug bares the hollow and relatively sharp handlebar end, posing a serious safety issue. The standard friction-fit plastic plugs normally supplied with bar tape can be difficult to install and often do not fit well. The eeBarKeep from Cane Creek is an elegant, lightweight, and permanent solution to the bar end problem. Using a 2-piece design with a captured o-ring and adjustable expander, this plug design allows a tight, secure fit that is incredibly easy to install using a common 4mm hex wrench. Each plug is expertly CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and tastefully finished with Cane Creek and EE etched logos. The eeBarKeep is intended to fit both drop road bars and mountain flat handlebars, with a relieved back to provide additional protection to bar tape and delicate carbon handlebar ends. Three different-sized o-ring pairs are included to allow maximum compatibility with varied handlebar inner diameters.

Product Specifications

G4 eeBrakes
Weight, Complete 169 grams
Linkage Material 7075-T6 aluminum
Bolt Material 6/4 titanium
Reach 39-49 mm
Max Rim Width28.5 mm
Maximum Recommended Tire Size 30c
eeNut Preload Assembly
Weight (Top Cap) 4.2 grams with bolt
Weight (Expander)5.3 grams
Compatibility1-1/8 Inch
Steerer Compatibility22.8mm to 25mm I.D.
Weight per plug6 grams
Material6061 aluminum

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