Cane Creek AER Series-II Upper Headset Assembly

$60.00 - $70.00

With a rich history in cycling, Cane Creek has been invested in the production and creation of innovative products for over 40 years. Still located in a building built by Dia-Compe in the 1970s, the well known Japanese parts company that was supplying brake parts to expanding US bike manufacturers. 1991 saw the formation of Dia-Compe USA, who jumped into the quagmire of the cycling industry with a patent for the most widely used component. The Aheadset threadless headset design has lived on as the basis for virtually every headset option on the market. Officially becoming Cane Creek in 1992, they adopted a best in class attitude for every product they bring to market. Gaining acclaim and notoriety for their well designed and manufactured in USA dependability (manufacturing was brought back to the states from Taiwan in 2008) Cane Creek has become one of the household names when it comes to quality and durability. Offering a wide catalog of products ranging from their premium line of suspension components to the ultralight EE brake calipers Cane Creek has a part to match every need. 

The AER Upper Headset Assembly is the premium offering of Cane Creeks headset line. Meticulously machined from aluminum and brilliantly anodized each part is its own little work of art. Featuring their hybrid bearing, two steel races contained within an aluminum cup. That offers a 35% weight savings without sacrificing durability, the AER Series-II headset is one of the worlds lightest. The contoured machining removes as much material as possible while maintaining strength, and provides a sleek sculpted finish. The machining is so thorough that the Tall 15mm stack height assembly only weights a few grams more than the short 9mm version. Looks and weight however, were not the only consideration for these headset designs. Fully compatible with Cane Creeks 40 and 110 series headsets, spare parts are readily available at most shops or direct from Cane Creek making service and replacement a simple task. One of our favorite features is the semi captive compression ring that ensures it won't get lost when servicing your headset. Each headset comes with an alloy preload adjustment bolt which at 2.8 grams offers considerable weight savings when compared to the 8 gram steel bolt. For the lightest headset that doesn't sacrifice durability and longevity in the race for weight savings the AER Series-II is the ideal choice. Pair with a few of Cane Creeks AER Headset Spacers for a complete ultralight setup.

Compatible with almost every modern frame, there is a tall and short option for Integrated (IS), and Semi Integrated (ZS) headsets. If you have any questions about this headsets please contact us or check out Cane Creeks S.H.I.S. guide to determine the proper headset for your application.

HeadsetWeight*SHISStack Height
IS 41mm, Short39 gramsIS41/28.69mm
IS 41mm, Tall41 gramsIS41/28.615mm
IS 42mm, Short39 gramsIS42/28.69mm
IS 42mm, Tall41 gramsIS42/28.615mm
ZS 44mm, Short49 gramsZS44/28.66.9mm
ZS 44mm, Tall51 gramsZS44/28.616.5mm
*Complete weight minus top cap, bolt, and star nut
Weight, top cap and bolt26 grams
1-1/4" Tapered
1-1/2" Tapered