Cane Creek AER Replacement Bearing

$14.00 - $34.00

For riders looking to shed a few grams without spending an arm and a leg the AER Series bearings from Cane Creek offer an economical and effective solution. The hybrid bearing uses steel races for durability in an alloy cup to significantly reduce bearing weight over traditional all-steel construction. Available in the most common sizes. Each bearing is sold individually.

Norglide "Race Day" Option

For the absolute lightest headset bearing option, Cane Creek has designed a low-friction Norglide T bearing for use in headset uppers. This drop-in solution is designed to replace a traditional 41 or 42mm headset cartridge bearing, and can be used as an upgrade in any IS or ZS Cane Creek headset, as well as many other manufacturers' headsets. This bearing sandwiches a PTFE-coated ring between a hollow aluminum base and the headset's upper bearing cover, with a total system weight of 6.8 grams. That's half the weight of an already-light AER bearing, and a third the weight of a traditional steel bearing. As a complete replacement, the Norglide bearing and bearing seat should be purchased together. The Norglide bearing is subject to wear during normal use and should be replaced every 1000 miles.

41mm14 grams
42mm14 grams
42mm 45/45°14 grams
47mm 45/45°18 grams
52mm24 grams
52mm 45/45°21 grams
Small Parts
1-1/4" Tapered
1-1/2" Tapered