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Project Right

Project Right – The Final Update

This is the final update on the Project Right bike we’ve been documenting on our blog. Project Right started as a challenging request for an extraordinary bike, a task that was immediately exciting for everyone at Fairwheel. The bike got lots of attention at the English Cycles booth at the North American Hand Built Bike … Read More

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Geoff hand painting Project Right.

Project Right gets painted

***The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. While we’ve been busy putting together our road bike trials video things have not stood still here at Fairwheel on all our other projects.  The Right Project moved from Rob English’s workshop to CoMotion for initial painting and then onto Geoff McFetridge for hand painting. We … Read More

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Custom Project: Right Part 6

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. Working with Rob English is always a tremendous pleasure, not only is he a talented builder but delivers what he says he will, when he says he will.  That’s a true rarity among custom frame builders.  So now I get to present the completed, though certainly … Read More

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Custom Project: Right Part 5

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. Mostly a pictorial update today.  The axle has been finished for the righty hub, and put into the nearly completed fork.  The 514 gram fork will use an inverted headset with the attachment point at the crown which means the steerer tube will be integrated as … Read More

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Custom Project: Right Part 3

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. Just another quick update on this NAHBS project.  The rear end is coming along nicely.  Rob had this to say, “Jigging the back end of this thing is tricky. With a regular frame the stays are triangulated, and thus don’t move during the brazing process. With … Read More

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174 grams and will get lighter still.

Project: Right Part 2

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. Time for another quick update on Project Right.  Part one can be found here.  Frame builder Rob English has continued machining on the hub, which now is almost completely finished, it’s needing just some polishing, spoke holes, splines and anodizing.  I think an interesting point is … Read More

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Custom Project: Right

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted. A big part of what we do here at Fair Wheel involves building one off custom projects.  Not long ago, I realized that we’ve never chronicled a project start to finish.  The timing of this realization was pretty good because we are just starting a new … Read More

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