We’ve done a few custom modifications over the years – a custom tuned frame, a Di2 mod here and there, some unique artistic driven builds, two world record light bikes. This year we refined our Di2 Mountain bike focused extra attention to a completely custom Crumpton build. The Crumpton is built for one of our European customers who wanted a unique bike that would intrigue passers-by while still being an everyday rider. Part of the assignment was to work with a pink and purple colorway.

Our design goal was to build a light bike that maintained strength and ride quality for a powerful 200 lb rider. To best address this we worked on a ground-up custom build. All contact points were scrutinized as we worked with Crumpton to provide a custom saddle, handle bar and stem. All three were benchmarked with our lightweight components, such as the Schmolke TLO handle bar, and then reinforced and tuned to riding style. Nick then built one of his SL road frames and, as always, worked carefully on tailoring the frame’s ride quality to our requirements.

The components are tuned for color as well as performance. With a pink and purple design it’s easy to add too much and overwhelm the eye; our approach is to either bring it out in the frame or the components. We decided to work with the components on this particular build to provide more opportunities for detail and a higher level of customization. We began with matte black logos on the frame and fork. Then we turned to the components, where almost nothing was left untouched. The Extralite hub flanges were removed and anodized. Even the Kevlar wrapped around the saddle rails was dyed pink. Then to set the drive train apart, we added a Recon “Rainbow” cassette.

In the end this bike is aesthetically one of my favorite builds. The McFetridge bikes have pure artistic art appeal yet this bike accomplishes exactly what I feel it should. A semi-stealth feel that will draw an observant eye closer.

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Photos © David Haines // BikeRanger.com