This is an exciting time of the year for us as it’s the time when most companies begin to announce and show their coming products.  We’ll feature new products from a whole host of companies over the coming weeks.  We’ll begin with one of our favorite companies Tune.  Tune has now shown some new stuff and announced availability of some previously announced items.  So let’s look at what’s new and what’s changed in the line for the coming year. 


Let’s start with the Cappy.  Announced several months ago it’s release was delayed as they had to find a correction to allow for more seat angle adjustment.  I’m told that we’ll have production pieces within the next two weeks.  You’ll notice the head is different from the standard Tune heads and we think this is where part of the weight savings comes from.   It will be available in 11 colors (silver, purple, froggy green, pink, red, orange, gold, blue, forest green, silver and black.)  It will come in 3 diameters each with it’s own offset.  30mm with 1mm offset, 34.9mm with 2mm offset and 38.2 with 5mm offset.  Claimed weights start at 75 grams which is a significant savings over the commonly used Ritchey mast.  Expected retail should be around $160.

Wassertrager Uni Water Bottle Cage

Tune has also replaced their most common bottle cage, the Wassertrager Uni.  The new cage is currently available and is 20grams including the aluminum mounting bolts.  I’ve had a chance to use this new cage and am really impressed with it.  It holds bottles more securely than the previous and is much easier to remove and replace the bottles from.  The finish is a dramatic improvement as well.  Retail is unchanged at $60.  Personally I don’t like the little rubber friction generator at the bottom of the cage so I just toss it when I install them and save an extra gram or two.  With it’s function and aesthetic improvements, this one jumps right up to the top of my list of favorite bottle cages.

The Smartfoot Crank

The Smartfoot was one of the biggest draws at Eurobike for Tune.  While not yet released this crank is already quite sought after.  An integrated 30mm spindle and fit options that allow it to work with just about any bike is one of the reasons why.   Fitting options are for BSA 68 or 73mm, Etype, BB30, BB30 press fit, BB30 73mm, BB30 85mm or BB30 pressfit 92mm.  Weights start at 558 grams and the price starts at $725(We don’t yet know if that includes rings or not.) It fits both road and mtb and can be setup with an SRM power meter.  We expect to see the stock mountain version available sometime near the end of the year with the road version following just behind.

Stem Changes: New Four Bolt Design

Tune will also be changing the face of their stems.  Moving from a 2 bolt face place to a 4 bolt version, all 6 bolts of course being titanium.  It also appears that the Tune logo may re-appear on the side of the stem making them directional for either road or mtb.   These will begin to replace the 2 bolt version at the beginning of 2011.  They will continue to be available in all 11 Tune colors.  Pricing and weight is expected to be unchanged as is the current 8 degree angle of them.

A Quick Look at Tune’s Hub Lineup

Most of the Tune hubs also change for the coming year.  Surprisingly the mountain Dezibel hub does not appear anywhere on the product list for 2011 not even as a complete wheelset.  The road Mag90 version does however appear and is expected to become available before too much longer.  The Mag90 will not be sold as a hub but only in the Schwarzbrenner Skyline wheelset.  The wheelset will be 24mm carbon tubulars with 45/90 hubs and the new Tune Super Spoke.  Weight is listed at 771grams with a price of around $3500.  The other road hubs receive several changes.  The 150/160 and 180 get new larger axles, 17mm instead of 15mm.  This larger axle means larger bodies, drive rings and pawl bags.  The pawls will change from titanium to ceramic which will further reduce the stress on the free hub body.   The end result should be stiffer, lighter and about 10% less stress.  The bearings will also be changing.  The XoT bearing will disappear and be replaced by larger 6803 and 6903 bearings.  Pricing is not expected to change on most models.  For the front Mig70 hub the only change will be a larger 17mm axle and larger 6803 bearing.  No increase in weight or price.

Carbon Seat Posts

Lastly some more info on the Tune carbon posts.  It seems the offset version has no information about it available but more has come out about the straight post version.  The Tune logo is molded into the post.  The lengths will be 340 and 420mm.  Diameters will be 27.2, 31.6 and 34.9.  Weights will start at 146grams and pricing will be $240-$270.  Dates for these are not yet available.