Last year’s artist Geoff McFetridge is back to design another bike with us. This year we wanted to give him something a bit more original given his artistic talent. This is why we went with something a little different and off the beaten path, a three speed fixed gear. We started with a custom Parlee TT frame and the great guys at Sturmey Archer made us a special 3 speed fixed gear hub with low spoke drilling.

The project started simply enough.  The wonderful guys at Parlee built a custom TT frame and sent it off to Geoff’s studio. Since we absolutely love Geoff’s work our part of the design was easy.  We sent him a blank frame and fork and told him to do whatever he wants.   He started with a resist material which is a glue like liquid that he painted on in all the spots that he wanted to remain nude carbon, there is no black paint on this bike, it is all nude carbon.  Then the white was sprayed down and the resist material was removed.  I’m told this was incredibly labor intensive and took a massive amount of time.

While the frame was at Geoffs and being painted David at Sturmey Archer was busy having an s3x hub custom drilled for us.  Since we had no idea what the frame would look like we opted to play it safe and have the hub built black. A couple months later the frame arrives back with us, and am I glad I played it safe with black parts.  A couple of quick subs with some white bars and a white saddle and we were done.


Geoff McFetridge
We’d like to take time to offer our most sincere thanks to everyone involved in this project. First off, Geoff has been great to work with throughout both projects.  For anyone interested in knowing more about his work and his design studio go to his website, Champion Studio I would like to note that Geoff is an artist and not a painter, please do not contact him about doing custom paint on your personal bike(unless budget if of no concern to you.) If you like what he’s doing we ask that you leave a message letting him know this either on this blog or on our forum.

I’d also like to announce that Geoff will have a solo painting show opening at Half Gallery in NYC (208 Forsyth St)  on Tuesday Sept 21. We strongly encourage everyone that can to check it out.

Really big thanks to Bob, Tom and the rest of the crew at Parlee for getting us our custom TT Frame made to our specs and shipped to Geoff quickly. It’s great having the support of a company like Parlee. Finally, David at Sturmey Archer got us a hub drilled to our spoke specs and built making the whole process painless and as easy as possible.

Build Details