*** The Final Update on The Worlds Lightest Bike is Posted.

Having not fit everything into the first IB update, it’s already time to bring out part two.  Here is where you can find the  first Interbike projects update.  We’ve continued to pull some parts in different colors that are likely to adorn the P29.  Starting with a few saddles, I missed putting the white Kom Vor into the picture but it is also amongst the options.

Also multiple options are pulled in different colors. Kcnc grips in red and black, bottle cages from Tune and New Ultimate, Kcnc SC11 seat collars in red and black, Kcnc front derailleur adapters in red and black, and of course some FWB top caps in different colors.  I have a direction to go in terms of colors and likely black will win out in many cases, but it’s good to have all the options available just in case.

The cranks are a bit of an easier choice.  We’ll be doing a double up front and it will be mounted to a bb30.  Gearing will be 29/42t with a 10speed rear end.  Colors will end up being a mix of what’s shown.  We’ve gotten spindles in mulitple lengths to help with chainline adjustments and to compensate for a lack of throw on the intended front derailleur.  Overall the Kcnc double crank kit that we’ve put together comes in at 651 grams complete with rings, bb and all fasteners.

So while it’s a nice spec it’s nothing out of line with what we regularly do so far.  That will begin to change from here on.   We have a fantastic crew of people working on these projects.  Kyle is one of those people.  Kyle is our mechanical engineer and has already contributed quite a bit to these projects.

Here is one of Kyle’s sketches of a lever set that will be produced but will remain as simply a backup or alternate to our other choice.  I can’t yet explain why it has the shape it does, but perhaps some of you will figure it out.  And even if not, it might be interesting to see the stuff that is produced that may never make it into a final project.

Then there’s Jeff.  Jeff is really our savior with this years projects.  He is handling the computer/electronic aspects of this years bikes.   These are some of the tools he’ll be using in creating those things that he does.  Yes, I’m being intentionally vague at this point especially since the following stuff has already been cast aside in favor of others. In the center is one of the first boards that were used for getting one of the two projects running.  It’s shown next to a handlebar to give some idea of scale.  On the right is the same board having whatever it is Jeff does, done to it.  Again being intentionally vague, however even if I wanted to try and explain it I couldn’t.  When Jeff speaks all that comes out are 0’s and 1’s….  Anyway after having played with these for a little bit and making sure that things would work as needed, he cast them aside and moved to something small.