It seems that all of my posts lately seem to mention Interbike.  I guess it’s closing in quicker than I realize and that means that much of my time is spent getting things done for that.  This year we thought we’d take a more open approach to things and post regular progress reports on everything we are involved in for interbike.  So consider this the first update.  These continuous threads will be a delicate balance for me. We want to show you everything that goes into projects and why it takes so long, but at the same time we do need to keep some things secret until the show.  So I’ll try to give as much detail as possible but keep the mystery.  While you’ll see what goes into these, in the end we hope that the projects will be much more than the sum of their parts.

We had a great time at IB last year and showed 4 complete bikes in the booth, including the McFetridge bike and the Di2 Mtb.  We started planning this years IB while at the show last year, giving us a full year to complete everything, well here are are now with 8 months having passed and it feels as though we are still well behind where we should be.  One decision we reached at the show last year was to reduce our number of projects but to focus even more time onto them.  So far we have 2 to 2.25 projects planned with the possible though unlikely addition of another.  Yes that’s right one project is .25 of a bike, we can’t yet decide if this project shows better on or off of a bike so we are leaving it open.

Now to get up to speed, we’ve planned, talked, and had meetings with people from all sorts of different companies.  We have solid designs and work has begun on everything.  If you follow the blog you’ve already seen the first piece of one of the projects.  Obviously it reveals a lot about the project.  It wouldn’t make sense for us to deny what it is.  Yes it’s obviously a 29er.  So for these posts we’ll simply refer to it as P29(project 29).  Obviously we want to improve on everything we’ve done in the past and I think we have in so many ways, yet many of them won’t be visible until we release videos at the end.

So for the first update to P29 we have some parts.  First up the fork.  A Cannondale lefty.  Currently sitting with some slight tuning at 1238.8 grams with an uncut aluminum steerer.  Work on the fork will continue on for another month or so.  But even if not much more weight comes off I will still be happy with it.  We are not choosing to modify it’s performance in any way as we want to keep it’s function as race worth as possible.

While we’ve settled on some basic color options for the accessories, I won’t know what colors go where until we have a built bike to begin working with.  So for  now we simply stock pile all the possible options into a box.  We’ll have to decide which aspects of weight, performance and looks we want in the final build.  Current options for the post are Kcnc, Tune, New Ultimate, Edge and Schmolke.  For the stem it’s down to Tune, Kcnc, New Ultimate and Edge and that will be tied into the bar decision which will come from Edge, Kcnc, New Ultimate, Schmolke or Ax.

Some choices are quite easy.  The rear derailleur will be tuned using red pulley bolts and ceramic pulleys from Kcnc and a red pivot bolt from Kronos.  The chain also is an easy choice, the Kmc X10SL.  I guess that’s another clue as to what components the bike will be dressed in.

I had intended to add more to this first update but as it’s starting to get too long and the day is ending we’ll save that for later this week.