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I got a visit from my keeper this week and he told me that I needed to update the blog.  So I thought I’d take this chance to talk a little about our custom wheel program.  We’ve been doing custom handbuilt wheels since 1973, but just recently we decided to really expand on that and brought Troy Watson from Ligero Wheelworks on board to head the program.  Troy brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our custom wheel program.  We have a pretty extensive selection of rims, hubs and spokes and can build just about anything to suit each rider.   This seems like a good chance to once again introduce Troy, the program and even show a bit of the workshop where it all takes place. 

When purchasing custom wheels from us we help you select just the right components for just the right wheel.  Hubs from Alchemy, Chris King, DT, Extralite, Tune, White Industries and others.  Rims from Enve, Kinlin, Velocity, Stans, Reynolds, Hed and others.  When you order a custom wheelset not only do you get a hand built wheel designed just for you, but you get it at a special price.  For pricing we start with a modest discount on all the parts in the wheel.  Then we waive the labor charges and we also pay the shipping charges for wheels shipping in the U.S.  We also add other value such as custom Enve decals to Enve rims at no additional charge.

Every wheel is handbuilt from start to finish personally by Troy.  Troy has been building wheels for over 20 years and calculates he’s built more than 14,000 wheels.  Troy has built wheels for American Classic, Real design and Ligero Wheelworks amongst others.  Troy is a master wheelbuilder with certifications from both DT and Shimano.

If you’d like to inquire about a custom wheelset just drop us a line to get started.  Contact us.

Now on to the fun stuff, the pictures.