*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted.

A big part of what we do here at Fair Wheel involves building one off custom projects.  Not long ago, I realized that we’ve never chronicled a project start to finish.  The timing of this realization was pretty good because we are just starting a new and very custom project.  Project: Right.  Eventually the name will make more sense, but since we don’t want to give anything away we won’t be talking about or showing anything that isn’t done.  We’ll definitely make sure to share progress as it moves along.  Those of you that know me, know that I really enjoy these project bikes, the only thing that could make them even more fun is working on them with someone who enjoys them as much as I do.  One of the few people who fits that description and shares my enjoyment of doing things different is frame builder Rob English from English Cycles

Rob and I both enjoy doing things differently and the two of us working together just seems to magnify what the other one would normally do.   Then mix in an owner for the project who has a real appreciation for uniqueness and a strong liking of one of our favorite artists and the project really seems to have taken on a life of it’s own.

Sept 6th, 2011.  This is the official day this one started.  Stephen contacted us that day and asked if we’d be interested in doing a project for him.  Being that this project will show at NAHBS before going on the owner, we’ve tried to keep progression of this one a priority and keep it at the front of the queue.  The past 12 weeks have all been the planning stage, which went surprisingly quick for the amount of complex problems that have arisen from some not so normal designs.  Over the weekend.  Actual production began.  Rob started the machining of perhaps the most central element of the whole project, the rear hub.

Some of the other components are shown in the picture, and yes those are all part of one bike, even though it seems like they shouldn’t be.

Stay tuned for more as the build progresses.