Absolute Black’s direct mount chainrings are an excellent choice for replacing your chainring or converting your bike to a 1 x 9, 10, or 11 speed drive train. Precision machining of the tooth profiles gives extremely reliable chain retention without the use of chain tensioners or guides. This holds the chain on the chainring during pedaling, coasting & backpedaling even on the roughest of terrain. The Absolute Black Narrow­-Wide chainring can be used with, or independently of clutch equipped derailleurs, such as Shimano XTR & Saint, in order to minimize or eliminate chain drop. For the weight weenie riders, using this chainring will give a minimum weight loss of (25g) over the stock SRAM spider, chainring & bolt configuration. Lastly, Absolute Black does an excellent job of making they’re direct mount chainrings some of the most versatile on the market by providing a well balanced chain line and a wide variety of crank compatibility options.

All direct mount chainrings are meant to replace the spider and chainring on your existing crankset. If your spider is not removable you might want to look at the Absolute Black 104/64BCD chainring. These chainrings are manufactured with the same tooth profiles and although the overall setup will be slightly heavier performance will be the same.

SRAM short XX1 style

Absolute Black SRAM Short Chainring

The SRAM XX1 Short Chain Ring is designed for SRAM BB30/PF30 short cranks.  The easiest way to tell if you have a short or long crank is to look at the spacer on the drive side if the spacer measures 9mm you have a short crank.  The longer cranks come with a 15mm spacer.

SRAM XX1 style

Absolute Black Direct Mount XX1 Chainring

Absolute Black’s XX1 style chainring for SRAM GXP & long BB30/BB386 will replace the spider and chainring on a SRAM direct mount style crank with a long axle while maintaining a perfect chain line. Cranks included in this group are ones with axle diameters of both 24mm (GXP) and 30mm (BB30 / BF30).  Again, the easiest way to verify your cranks is to measure the axle spacer on the drive side crank. The long style cranks will have 15mm wide spacer while the short cranks will have a 9mm spacer.

Cannondale XX1 style

Absolute Black Chainring for Cannondale Hollowgram

The XX1 style chainring for Cannondale Hollowgram Si, SiSL & SiSL2 cranks are designed to work with the Cannondale Hollowgram interface and have a concave shape for proper chain line.