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Ashima Aero Road Brake Pads

Ashima Aero Road Brake Pads
Ashima Aero Road Brake Pads

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Weight 26.5g (Alloy / Carbon)
27.5g Dual Compound Alloy
Compatibility Shimano-style calipers
Pads Carbon: PRO-CA
Alloy: PRO-G
Dual Compound: #72
Holder Material Alloy
Bolt Material 7075 Aluminum
Install Tool T25 Torx Wrench
Ashima Aero Road Brake Pads Alloy Compound $29.99
You Save: $14.99 
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Ashima Aero Road Brake Pads Alloy, Dual Compound $29.99
You Save: $14.99 
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Ashima's Aero Brake Pad is named because of it's air cooling design and works with all Shimano style road brakes. The cartridge holder and the pad itself have vents and channels designed to intake air and force it deep into the pad to reduce operating temperature. Ashima claims this increases breaking performance and pad life which uses Ashima's Wear Dot Indicator to easily judge your pads life. Finally the pad is held into place using a simple to install cotter pin to save weight.