Arundel Flip Flop Bottle Cage

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The Flip Flop cage from Arundel is the ideal utilitarian cage for the budget minded cyclist. Perfect for frames that don’t support a traditional bottle cage design because of shape or size, the Flip Flop allows for bottles to be installed and removed horizontally, as opposed the the traditional vertical design. Compatible with nearly every kind of build, the Flip Flop is easily one of the most versatile sideloading bottle cages available. Made from durable and lightweight plastic, the Flip Flop cage is sturdy enough to withstand the vigors of mountain biking, while simultaneously being light enough for application on road bikes. By designing the Flip Flop to be completely reversible there is no longer a need to buy 2 different bottle cages in order to have bottles accessible from the same side. In order to convert your Arundel Flip Flop cage from right handed to left handed, simply remove the bottle mount hardware and flip the cage cradle 180° and reinstall.

Weight 56 grams
Material plastic
Compatibility Standard Bottles
Configuration Left or Right
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