Alligator Slick 31 Strand Cable


Cables are the unsung hero of superior bicycle performance; their function greatly affects both your mechanical shifting and braking performance. Used and poor quality cables will have a dramatically negative effect on lever feedback and derailleur performance, while good quality new cables will give the best possible performance to components of all levels. Manufacturers have attempted to improve cable performance through various designs and features, but for the most part attempts have either been too expensive (titanium cables) or have had their drawbacks (Teflon coating wearing off). In an effort to make these issues a thing of the past, Alligator has approached cable lifespan from a different angle. By re-assessing the cable manufacturing method, Alligator was able to design a stainless steel cable that simply uses more strands per cable to produce desirable characteristics, instead of utilizing exotic metals or temporary coatings. Alligator cables are each comprised of 31 individual wire strands, while typical brake or derailleur cables produced by other companies are a mere 19 strands thick. As an inherently low-friction cable, excellent brake and shift responsiveness can be guaranteed for the entire life of the cable.

Alligator's Slick 31-strand cable is the more affordable version of Alligator's premium Superior Shine 31-strand cable. It features the same high-strength reliable structure, with a smooth die-drawn surface and only lacks the high-polished surface of the Superior Shine version. These Slick cables serve as an excellent replacement option for most shift and brake systems, and offer better performance than most other manufacturers' stainless steel cables at a lower price.

Alligator 31 Strand Cables are sold individually and available in both road brake and road/mtb shift versions, with compatibility for all modern brake and shift systems from Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo.

CableWeight, UncutDiameterLength
Brake24 grams1.5 mm1700 mm
Shift15 grams1.1 mm2000 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
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