Alligator Post/Post Disc Brake Adapter


Installing a larger diameter disc rotor is the fastest and easiest way to improve braking performance. As riders choose to traverse more aggressive terrain brake performance becomes ever more crucial. Upgrading from stock rotors can make the difference between having to walk your bike down chunky sections of trail and riding it with confidence. Larger rotors improve brake modulation, which translates to the ability to brake harder and faster without locking up the brakes completely. A brake is most effective just before lockup, therefore the closer you can get to that point the faster you will stop. 

Alligator offers economical adapter for riders looking to install a 180mm rotor with their front brake. A simple upgrade that only requires installing a new rotor and 4 bolts for the brake caliper, with a little finesse while adjusting the caliper position and some basic tools, every rider can enjoy greater confidence when descending technical trails. Easily one of the most apparent upgrades in terms of riding confidence, an upgraded brake system is the simplest way to improve handling in every kind of terrain. Check out our selection of rotors to choose the perfect option to pair with your bike.

Weight35 grams
Fork CompatibilityPost Mount
Caliper Compatibility Post Mount Caliper
Adapter Material6061 Aluminum
Bolt MaterialSteel