Aican Bungarus Shift Housing / Cable Set


The unique design of the AICAN Bungarus (Bungarus is a kind of snake) derailleur housing produces one of the lightest brake and shift housing currently on the market.

Similar to other systems such as Nokon and Alligator I-Links, Bungarus is designed with interlocking aluminum housing segments. But unlike these other systems, the Bungarus uses a 2 part segment design. There are long (8mm pieces) and short (6mm) pieces. Each long segment is fitted with a liner that extends a few millimeters out of each end, and the shorter segments fit onto these extensions. These can be added or removed until getting the perfect length. Installation is much easier than previous designs by omitting the tedious job of stringing the pieces over a full-length liner.

This built-in POM delrin liner is thinner than a traditional inner liner which allows for a smaller outer diameter while maintaining a larger inner diameter. The cable housing becomes slimmed down to 3.8mm and can be used with any derailleur cable including Power Cordz.

Bungarus cable sets are packaged with AICAN's DLC derailleur cables, an incredibly high performance cable with low friction and long service life. The nano coating used on these stainless steel cables is far more durable than a traditional Teflon coating, and prevents the balling up issues that occurs with other low-friction coatings as they wear off.

 Brand  Shift  Total Weight  Brake  Total Weight 
Alligator Superlight+   31 g 34 g - -
Bungarus 38 g g 40.1 g 83.1 g
Alligator I-Link 37.5 g g 57.4 g 102 g
Ashima Reaction   60.2 g g 101 g 131.4 g
Shimano 55.5 g g 120 g 147.3 g
Campagnolo 56 g g 110 g 151.1 g

True Weight Comparison

Claimed weight for the AICAN Bungarus is 18 grams per meter, but we measured it at 17.5 grams per meter. For our writeup on our first impressions of the AICAN Bungarus we decided to put that into more meaningful numbers, so we pulled the cables and housing off of a bike and made several kits of the same lengths to compare. First we weighed the brake and shift systems separately. Then we added all the necessary bits (ferrules, cable tips, liners, seals, etc…) and weighed the complete cabling system.


AICAN Bungarus shift sets come with 1.8 meters of housing, 2 cables, 8 ferrules, 2 clear frame protector sheaths, 2 rear brake frame liners, donuts, and cable tips. The cables are compatible with Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo shifters.

Shift Housing/Cable Kit