Aerolite Titanium Pedals

$325.00 - $369.00

Aerolite Pedals were created in 1979 by Roger Sanders, a physician's assistant. In his work, Sanders had witnessed injuries resulting from popular toe clip and strap pedal connections, and desired a safer alternative.

The Aerolite's design is simple - a cylindrical pedal paired with a plastic cleat that wraps 304 degrees around the pedal when engaged. An upward force of over 1300 pounds would be required for the cleat to release with normal pedaling efforts. However, proper release of the clip is relatively easy, requiring a natural supination of the ankle. With this outward rotation, the cleat is released slowly and the foot rolls easily off the pedal.

The titanium version of the Aerolite pedals have garnered attention as the lightest pedal and cleat combination in the world. The combination plus hardware weighs less than 140 grams per pair, while the pedals alone weigh a mere 35 grams each. In addition to being lightweight, these pedals are among the safest on the market. Independent shear-crack stress tests have rated Aerolites to over 3600 foot pounds of torque.

Aerolite pedals are proudly and entirely manufactured in the USA; even the materials and packaging are sourced in America.

TT Pedals

Aerolite's time trial specific pedals come equipped with shorter spindles for a narrower overall Q factor. This version also features a drilled out Turcite sleeve. Initial tests performed at MIT have shown that these changes over the standard Aerolite design slightly increase an already impressive bearing efficiency. It should also be noted that the Aerolite cleat-pedal-shoe interface has performed well in static aerodynamic tests, making it an excellent choice for the discerning time trial racer.

The road version is available with cleats for 3 bolt road shoes, or cleats for 2 bolt mountain shoes. The time trial version is available with 3 bolt cleats.


The new Alpha pedals have been retooled from the existing Aerolite Pedals to be slightly lighter and smoother than before. 


Weight, Alpha Road Pedals (pair)74 grams
Weight, Road Pedals (pair)80 grams
Weight, Alpha TT Pedals (pair)63 grams
Weight, TT Pedals (pair)67 grams
Weight, Cleats and Hardware(pair)58 grams
Spindle MaterialAlpha Road - 6/4 titanium
Alpha TT - 6/4 titanium with Ceramic Coating
Bearing MaterialTurcite
Cleat MaterialDupont Zytel ST Nylon