Abbey Bike Tools Wash Buddy


Abbey Bike Tools’ Wash Buddy is a tool that first made it’s rounds as a limited production tool, available only to professional teams. In response to the Wash Buddy gaining popularity among pro-mechanics for its high quality and functionality, Abbey has finally made this tool widely available. While the Wash Buddy is a relatively understated tool, its functionality is second-to-none. After using one, it will definitely become a go-to tool (as it did on the pro-race circuit during its 2 year development and testing period). The ability to keep the chain off the stays allows for much easier cleaning and servicing, while also preventing chain grime from getting onto on the stays and/or the possible accidental scratches and scuffs resulting from the chain contacting the chainstay.

This tool, in typical Abbey fashion, is expertly crafted from the highest-quality materials. The spindle is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring that it will last for years to come despite being exposed to solvents, water, and grit when in use. The Delrin pulley, which also features excellent solvent resistance, is an engineering thermoplastic that is specified for high-load mechanical applications. While this Delrin pulley is very durable, it can be replaced when it wears out.  Another ingenious feature of this tool is that the Delrin pulley slides along the stainless spindle, allowing shifting of the rear derailleur while the tool is installed.  Seemingly a small detail, the ability to shift the rear derailleur without the rear wheel installed allows better access to the components and frame during cleaning and servicing.  

The tool clamps firmly into the rear drop out by way of a skewer that features a beautifully machined quick release lever and nut, both anodized in Abbey’s signature green. When in-use, the tool not only holds the chain, but also allows for full crank rotation and cog changes, ensuring maximum room to inspect and clean the drive train. For thru-axle bikes, the Delrin pulley can be removed from its quick release spindle and installed onto the existing rear thru-axle, making this tool extremely versatile when it comes to various rear axle standards. While similar products exist, none match the quality, versatility, and durability of Abbey’s Wash Buddy.

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