Abbey Bike Tools Hanger Alignment Gauge


One of the most sensitive, yet completely crucial parts on any geared bike is unquestionably the derailleur hanger. Regardless of how high-end, or well adjusted your drivetrain is, a poorly aligned derailleur hanger can make your bike almost unrideable. With most companies offering up to 11 speed cassettes, it becomes exceedingly important for your derailleur hanger to be as close to perfect as possible. The brilliant minds at Abbey Bike Tools have designed a tool that allows for nearly perfect hanger alignment, while simultaneously making other derailleur hanger alignment tools look childish and flimsy.

Introducing the H.A.G (Hanger Alignment Gauge) from Abbey Bike Tools. Precision machined with tolerances as low as .0063mm — for a practical comparison divide the average human hair, which is roughly 101.6 micrometers, into 16 — the H.A.G is likely the finest hanger alignment tool we've ever seen. Designed to be as small as possible, yet strong enough to bend even the most stubborn hangers, the H.A.G is perfect for the traveling professional mechanic, or for the serious home mechanic that requires the finest tools available. Built with a surprising amount of adjustability, the H.A.G is equipped to effortlessly tackle any bike, from full suspension, to fendered commuters. The “head” of the tool allows the mechanic to lock the feeler rod in place, ensuring that any measurement isn’t lost in the event of the tool being bumped. Additionally, the entire female end rotates making it possible to accurately move any measurements around obstructions, such as racks or wide tires.

To top it all off, the H.A.G is fully serviceable, with parts available from Abbey Bike Tools.

Weight519 grams
MaterialSteel / Aluminum
Overall Length28 cm
Wheel Compatibility26", 27.5"/650 b, 700/29"
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