Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool


Known for their commitment to producing some of the finest and well thought out bicycle tools available, Abbey Bike Tools spent 2 years developing their new “Decade” chain tool. The tool has been given the name “Decade” for good reason; during development and testing over 10,000 chains were broken on a single tool and pin, which equals 3 chain installs per day for a decade!

The tool’s beautifully machined aluminum handles are anodized in the signature Abbey green; the large handle features a white abbey logo. Beyond good looks, these handles were designed for excellent ergonomics and usability. The large handles ensure ease of use no matter what type of chain is being worked on. The main body of the tool and the lead screw are manufactured from cro-moly steel for durability. Of these steel components, the lead screw and threaded body are treated with a low friction powder vapor deposition (PVD) coating that gives the tool an incredibly silky-smooth feel when in use. The pin itself is manufactured from a shock-rated tool steel for ultimate durability. In all likelihood, this freely-rotating pin will last as long as the tool itself, however the tool does include a spare pin housed it’s handle. These pins are cross compatible with both Shimano and Campagnolo pins.

While the Decade chain tool is good looking, easy-to-use, and durable, perhaps the best part is Abbey has made this a future-proof tool. The future-proofing of this tool has been achieved thorough the interchangeable mid-plate. While the tool comes with a mid-plate designed for use with 3/32” chains (Mid-Plates for 1/8” single-speed chains to be released soon), this component of the tool can be swapped to work with almost anything the industry comes out with. This makes the Decade tool one of the nicest available now, and ensures it will remain that way for years to come.

This tool is compatible with 7-12 speed chains, including the new Campagnolo 12 and Shimano XTR M9100 chains. Housed in the handle with the spare pin is a backstop that threads into the backside of the tool; this backstop allows the tool to peen 11 and 12 speed Campagnolo chains to factory spec.


Compatibility7-12 speed drivetrains
Functionsjoin / break
Replaceable PinYes (one spare pin included in handle)
Peen FunctionYes; tool can peen Campagnolo chains to factory spec
MaterialsAluminum / Steel
Chain Tool
Abbey Bike Tools