Abbey Bike Tools Crombie Cassette Lockring Tool

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Abbey Bike Tools of Bend, Oregon is the name in high-end, purpose-driven bicycle service tools. Their offerings are designed by and for professional bicycle mechanics, with the precision and durability that would be expected from a premium tool manufacturer. Even if you're not a professional, high-volume mechanic, Abbey tools are worth considering for those who perform their own bicycle service and appreciate well-made tools. 

As one of the original Abbey tools, the Crombie defines its ingenuity through its function. Using a traditional cassette lockring tool, a mechanic would be required to remove the hub's quick release in order to access the cassette lockring's splines, then reinstall it once the service was completed. The Crombie's thin-wall construction allows the skewer nut to fit inside tool, allowing for professional, lightning-quick cassette removals and installations. Home mechanics will appreciate the convenience, and professionals will appreciate the time saved.

The Crombie is intelligently designed to take up as little space as possible, whether in a travel toolbox or personal workshop. The handled versions of the Crombie are designed to fit inside Abbey's Whip-It chain whip tool, saving even more valuable tool box space.

All Abbey Bike Tool products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


The Crombie is available in several options:

Dual-Sided Standard - This tool has a dual-sided head that is compatible with both Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo lockring splines.
Dual-Sided Super Light - This SL version of the Crombie features a hollowed out handle, an excellent option for travelling race mechanics or those wishing to reduce the overall weight of their toolbox. The dual-sided head is compatible with both Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo lockring splines.
Dual-Sided Thru Axle - With its adoption of thru axle standards, the bicycle industry has fortunately settled on a standard of 12mm for the rear thru axle. One side of the Crombie Thru Axle tool is fitted with a 12mm pilot pin to help keep the tool properly aligned during use. The other side is designed for standard quick release hubs. Both sides are compatible with Shimano/Sram cassette lockring splines, as well as centerlock brake rotor lockring splines.
3/8" Socket - This ultra-compact version of the Crombie is designed for 3/8" ratchet handles and torque wrenches. It shares the same deep socket and thin walls of the original Crombie, and is compatible only with Shimano/Sram lockring splines.

CompatibilityShimano/Sram and Campagnolo lockrings and Centerlock lockrings
WeightDual-Sided - 270 grams
Super Light - 145 grams
Socket - 50 grams
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