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Oregon’s own Abbey Bike Tools, manufacturer of some ingenious, must have tools for the professional or home mechanic, regularly impresses the cycling world with their excellent designs.  Fair Wheel Bikes is excited to offer their series of bottom bracket sockets.  While other manufacturers cast or forge their bottom bracket sockets, Abbey Bike Tools decided that this process wasn’t accurate enough for the precision fit they desired.  As visually pleasing as they are mechanically functional, these 3/8” sockets are CNC machined out of a solid billet of 7075 aluminum and hard anodized for guaranteed long service life.

Another nice touch that Abbey added to all of their socket tools are the machined “finger splines”. Located around the perimeter of each socket, these splines allow threading to be started by hand, even with greasy fingers.  Another unique feature, found on the dual sided models, is what Abbey deems the “inner nub”, a machined nub at the center of the tool the size of a crank spindle.  This adds a layer of security against marring by adding a second point of contact between the tool and the bottom bracket, helping to prevent the tool from camming off the bottom bracket cups.  When as precise a fit as possible is required to make sure new parts aren’t marred upon installation, the best tool for the job is a must, and that tool is certainly the bottom bracket socket tool from Abbey Bike Tools.


All sockets: are 3/8” square driver compatible

Dual Sided Dura-Ace/Ultegra:  The dual sided bottom bracket socket wrench from Abbey Bike Tools is designed to be compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, Ultegra 6800, 105 5800, and current XTR bottom bracket shell types. These shells as somewhat smaller than the traditional external bottom bracket cups that you may be accustomed to, so be sure to check which drivetrain you’re running before purchase.

Single Sided Hollowtech II/Common:  This tool is compatible with all outboard bearing cups that the dual sided tool doesn't fit, Campagnolo, SRAM, FSA and older Shimano.

Single Sided THM: This is compatible with all THM bottom brackets.

Single Sided Oversized BSA30 12 notch: This is the new version of the popular dual sided socket tool; used for SRAM Dub, Race Face Cinch, Rotor BSA 30, and Zipp Vuma Quad bottom brackets. This is not compatible with TorqTite, Praxis or Hope.

Single Sided Oversized BSA30 16 notch This is the new version of the popular dual sided socket tool; used with FSA 386-EVO cups and some Wheels Mfg cups. This is not compatible with TorqTite, Praxis or Hope.

Single Sided Oversized PraxisThis bottom bracket socket is for use with the Praxis M30 bottom bracket.

Single Sided Oversized TorqTite:  This bottom bracket socket is for use with the TorqTite BSA30 bottom bracket.

Single Sided Oversized Campagnolo: This bottom bracket socket is for use with Colnago's 30mm bottom bracket.

Single Sided Oversized Chris King: This bottom bracket socket is for use with Chris King's Thread Fit 30 & 47 bottom brackets.

ToolManufacturer CompatibilitySidesNotchesSocketMaterial
Dual Sided ShimanoM9000 / M8000 and current XTRDual163/8 "7075 aluminum
BSA30 / RaceFace 12SRAM Dub, Race Face Cinch, Rotor BSA 30, and Zipp Vuma QuadSingle123/8 "7075 aluminum
O/S Chris KingChris King Thread Fit 30 & 47Single123/8 "7075 aluminum
O/S PraxisM30 BB'sSingle123/8 "7075 aluminum
BSA30 / RaceFace 16FSA 386-EVO cups & Wheels Mfg threaded to 30Single163/8 "7075 aluminum
O/S ColnagoColnago 82.5Single163/8 "7075 aluminum
O/S HopeHope 30mmSingle163/8 "7075 aluminum
Shimano - CommonShimano Hollowtech II, Campagnolo, SRAM, and FSASingle163/8 "7075 aluminum
THMBB30, BB386 Evo, BBRight, BSA(English), Italian, OSBB, PF30Single163/8 "7075 aluminum
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