Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-tool


Oregon’s own Abbey Bike Tools, manufacturer of many ingenious, must-have tools for the professional or home mechanic, regularly impresses the cycling world with their excellent designs. Fair Wheel Bikes is excited to offer Abbey's series of 4-way multi-tools. 

There are a multitude of cycling multi-tools on the market. To differentiate theirs, Abbey focused on getting often overlooked small, but important, details right. For starters, if a tool doesn’t have proper engagement, the buck stops there. Many of the common, cheaper multi-tools on the market have poor, loose fitting bits. This results in rounded out and/or stripped fasteners, which can definitely end an awesome ride. The precision stainless steel bits on the Abbey 4-Way multi-tools prevent this with their tight, precise fit. These bits are some of the most tight-fitting and precise on the market, making trail or road side adjustments worry-free. As these bits are stainless steel, another plus is they won’t rust.

Next, Abbey focused in on the tools’ 4-position chassis. Using US-drawn aluminum alloy, Abbey crafted a simple, effective, and ergonomic handle that provides ideal leverage for operations ranging from limit screw adjustments to handlebar adjustments. To top it off, the chassis is anodized in the hallmark green of the company’s tool line.  This tools fit perfectly into compact saddle bags, riding wallets, or jersey pockets. 5 available configurations allow dialing in of the necessary bits for each bike in your stable.

Materialstainless steel (bits), aluminum (chassis)
Configuration 12.5/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit
Configuration 22.5/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
Configuration 33/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit
Configuration 43/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
Configuration 54/5/6 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
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