Ultralite Pedals

Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals
Ultralite Pedals

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Ultralite Pedal Specifications
Weight Limit 200 lbs, 90 kg (Cirrus Ti)
300 lbs, 135kg (Nimbus St)
Pedals 71g (Cirrus Ti)
107g (Nimbus St)
Hardware 11g
Cleats 40g
Package Contents
Left and right pedal assemblies
Standard retention springs (installed)
2 extra teflon slip washers
Left and right, three hole mount float cleats (standard)
4 Q-factor, 0.8mm spacers for the pedal/crank interface
7 m5x8 Stainless Steel, 3mm hex, cleat mounting screws (1 spare)
Ultralite Pedals Nimbus Steel $265.00
You Save: $75.00 
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Ultralite Pedal Details

The new pedals from Ultralite Sports feature a radically minimal design, with an obvious inspiration from the Aerolite pedal system and reminiscent of (now long gone) M2 Racer Orb pedals. The company co-founder Bill Emerson has raced on Aerolite pedals and more recently on Speedplay's popular system. With this experience he and co-founder Neal Beidleman decided that a lighter, more user-friendly pedal system was possible. And according to our scales their pedal system (pedal, cleat, hardware) has succeeded by a slim 4 grams vs the Aerolite TT version. Note the Aerolite TT has a 3mm narrower crank to pedal distance (measured from the face of the cranks to the center of the cleat).

This may be a small gain but by challenging the lightest pedal in the world for two decades, this is a major victory. The minimal cleat has a small (6.5mm) amount of fore/aft adjustability. This can also be configured for two degrees of rotation while setting up the cleat. The stock cleat offers a fixed .5 degree float, and an aftermarket five degree float cleat will be available.


The entire pedal system is made in the United States. The spindles are available in 6al/4v Titanium Alloy (Cirrus Ti) or 17-4 Stainless Steel (Nimbus St). Two 0.8mm washers are included with the pedals to space the pedal stance out ever so slightly. The two included slip washers (one per pedal) can be installed to increase the pedal tension.

Engagement / Release

The initial learning curve on the Ultralite pedal system is a bit steep. Engagement is by hooking the cleat on the inner lip of the pedal and sliding inwards and then pushing down. Initially it takes a while to find where your foot needs to be placed in order to do this. Over time entry becomes easier but still not quite a no-brainer. Release is a bit simpler and is done by sliding your foot inward again and then pulling up. If this is hard for you to visualize it's alright, it was for us too. Here's a graphic and a video to illustrate how they work.

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