Tune Verhuterli Top Cap

Tune Verhuterli Top Cap
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The Tune Verhüterli is designed for use with carbon steerer tubes as a super lightweight replacement for the traditional expander plug, top cap, and bolt combination. However, this traditional assembly will still be required for proper adjustment of the headset. Once adjusted, the top cap and expander are removed, and the Verhüterli is secured with an integral o-ring to the top of the exposed steerer tube, which must protrude 3-9 mm above the top of the stem. Weight savings over the Tune Gum-Gum and carbon top cap (the lightest combo we carry) is 6 grams, while as much as 40 grams can be saved over other designs. The Verhüterli is finished in clearcoated 3k weave carbon with Tune's logo embossed on the top.