Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle

Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle

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Weight 36.8g
Material 7075AL
Carbon (Lever)
Compatibility X-12 (142+)
Product Manuals
Full DC-12 Skewer Owners Manual
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle Black $150.00 Notify Me When Available
Tune DC12 12X142 Thru Axle Syntace Adaptor $12.00 In Stock


With the DC112 X12 skewer Tune brings their lightweight elegant skewer design to the stiff thru axle X12 standard. The 12x142mm rear axle is a leap forward for rear suspension stiffness and with Shimano putting their efforts behind it we're sure it's going to be widely accepted. To us there's very obvious reasons Shimano has worked with this standard. By combining the skewer and axle into one solid piece with the wider 142mm spacing the drivetrain, hub, disc brake, and frame act more as one solid piece. Increasing stiffness during sprints and decreasing any chatter while braking. This keeps the rear wheel on the ground decreasing braking distance and keeping a smooth confidence inspiring line into any corner.

Frame Compatibility

Most frames are compatible with the DC-12 X12 skewer with no adapters. Although most frames that do require an adapter will already have it. Shimano has chosen to ship their XTR M988 Thru-Axle skewer with the u.a. adapter for BMC and European brands such as Merida.

Syntace X-12 System

With the Syntace Adaptor the Tune DC112 X12 is compatible with frames using the Syntace X-12 System. To isntall the washer look at the lever side of your quick release. There is a washer with two ridges and a split similar to the split in the adaptor washer. Slide this down and off the eaxle using a small screw driver to open the washer as needed. Install the new adaptor in it's place and you're good to go.