Soul-Kozak Skewers

Soul-Kozak Skewers
Soul-Kozak Skewers
Soul-Kozak Skewers
Soul-Kozak Skewers

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Weight, Titanium41 grams per pair
Weight, Steel59 grams per pair
Useroad, cross country
Soul-Kozak Skewers Titanium $100.00
You Save: $25.00 
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Soul-Kozak's quick-release skewers are some of the lightest available, with options for titanium or steel axles. Both options feature high quality 7075 aluminum end caps and levers. These components are aggressively machined for maximum weight savings, and the result is quite beautiful as well. The long, leverage-friendly handle is formed into a super thin T-beam with a wide paddle end for easy operation. The end caps' inner surfaces are machined with ridges for maximum grip on the dropouts. These skewers operate on a simple open cam design with an integrated nylon bushing.

While the titanium axle version is one of the lightest skewer sets in the world, the steel version holds its own, coming in lighter than many competitor's titanium skewers.


Proper lever closure is similar to Shimano's protocol. The lever end should never be spun to adjust closing strength. Once a skewer is installed in the wheel, the threaded cap is adjusted so that the cam begins engaging when the lever is pointed slightly past perpendicular to the plane of the dropout. Care should be taken to ensure proper alignment of the nylon bushing; improper alignment can damage the bushing and weaken the skewer's holding strength. For most people, full closure of the lever will require a moderate amount of hand strength. Never use tools to adjust, open, or close the skewer. The skewers should be inspected occasionally for damage, and proper closure should be checked before every ride.

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