Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub

Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub
Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub
Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub

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Weight74 grams
Bearing Size6803 (2)
Axle Diameter17 mm
Available Drillings20, 24 hole
Hub Shell Materialaluminum
Useroad, time trial, triathlon
Wheel Building Dimensions
Flange Diameter35.5 mm
Center to Flange28.5 mm
Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub 20 Hole $95.00 Notify Me When Available
Soul-Kozak 2012 Aero Front Hub 24 Hole $95.00 Notify Me When Available


Polish manufacturer Soul Kozak's high-level attention to detail and design innovation have defined their product range for several years now. For the 2012 model year, their front road hub takes a radical departure in traditional design without sacrificing these core principles. Where the previous generation hub featured wide flanges for superior lateral stiffness in the complete wheel, this new hub features very narrow flanges for superior aerodyamics. The axle diameter, bearings, and hub shell are also much larger in diameter, increasing relative strength and stiffness at the hub.

Due to this hub's aerodynamic design, it is best paired with a deep section rim, such as the Kinlin XR-380 or Enve 1.65. Compared to other manufacturers' hubs, the Soul Kozak will provide a better spoke angle at the rim, decreasing the possibility of early spoke failure.


We recommend that wheels built with Soul Kozak hubs be assembled by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild here.

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