Schmolke Fullover TLO Road Handlebar

Schmolke Fullover TLO Road Handlebar
Schmolke Fullover TLO Road Handlebar

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Weight ~163 grams
Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Width* 6 cm
Rider Weight Limit 75 kg (165 lbs)
*measured outside to outside
Reach 95 mm
Drop 138 mm
Product Manuals
TLO Handlebar Instructions
Schmolke Fullover TLO Road Handlebar 46 cm $750.00 Notify Me When Available


Almost every component and aspect of the bicycle has moved towards large diameter thinner walled construction to keep weight down and improve stiffness. The handle bar is one exception, despite two increases in clamp diameter the contact point for bars has never seen a major change from the standard 24mm diameter. That is until now. Schmolke, the first to build a carbon handlebar, is also the first company to apply a wider diameter to the full width of a handlebar. It's a small 3.5mm increase, bringing the diameter to 27.5mm, but the increase in stiffness and feel is significant. Sprinters will enjoy the extra stiffness as the most noticable increase is the furthest from the clamp, in the drops. Also, the geometry, based on the TLO compact carbon bar, is perfect for sprinting with its short upper reach clearing room for your hands.

TLO Compact Design

Schmolke's compact handlebar design follows an industry trend that increases the utility of the road handlebar by creating more useful hand positions and shortening lever reach from the drops. This design raises the brake hoods, creating a smooth, flat transition from the climbing position. This oversized edition features increased stem clamp diameter to match the current industry standard 31.8 mm, as well as an oversize oval top section for improved comfort and aerodynamics. These increased diameters create a much stiffer handlebar with only a slight weight penalty.

Shifter Clamps / Weight

The FullOver TLO includes its own shifter clamps since no shifter clamp is compatible with the larger 27.5 diameter. The clamps, not included in the standard Compact TLO, save about 18 grams compared to stock clamps found on Campagnolo, Sram and Shimano shifters. When compared side by side this puts the FullOver around 5 grams lighter than the original compact TLO.


Carbon assembly paste is included with each Schmolke handlebar, and it is highly recommended that this paste be used to increase the security of the stem clamp and reduce the necessary bolt torque. Additionally, Schmolke only recommends use of four-bolt faceplate stems with their carbon handlebars. Please note that these versions of the TLO handlebar are not compatible with clip on aerobars, which require reinforcement in the carbon structure.