Praxis Conversion BB

Praxis Conversion BB
Praxis Conversion BB
Praxis Conversion BB
Praxis Conversion BB
Praxis Conversion BB

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Praxis Conversion BB Specifications
Crank Compatability Shimano™ 24mm Hollowtech
Bearings Stainless Steel 6805
Bottom Bracket Compatability
PF30 / BB30, 68mm 68mm PF30, 68mm BB30
PF30 / BB30, 73mm 73mm PF30, 73mm BB30
OSBB Any Specialized OSBB Frame
Praxis Conversion BB BB30 / PF30, 73mm $85.00  2 Remaining
Praxis Conversion BB BB30 / PF30, 68mm $85.00 In Stock
Praxis Conversion BB Specialized OSBB $85.00 In Stock

Praxis Shimano Conversion Bottom Bracket Details

Praxis' conversion bottom bracket provides a strong and reliable platform to run your Shimano™ 24mm spindle cranks, with your BB30 or Presfit 30 (PF30) frame. The strength of this conversion BB lies in its threaded design. The non-drive side cup is press fit into the frame providing an interface similar to other bottom bracket conversions on the market. Where the Praxis design differs is in its use of a threaded drive side cup. Using a Shimano BB tool the drive side threads into the non-drive side sleeve. The last millimeter, or so, of threads expand the non-drive shell creating a stronger friction hold than a simple press fit bottom bracket could. Furthermore the threaded design perfectly aligns the BB in your frame and prevents any walking out or wobbling of the bearings under load.


The Praxis Bottom Bracket Conversion comes with a sleeve to fit PF30 frames. The sleeve will need to be press fit into the frame before threading in the BB30 converter. For a BB30 frame the sleeve can simply be discarded and the BB30 adaptor installed.

OSBB Compatibility

The newest Praxis BB adaptor works with a Specialized OSBB frame to a standard 24mm Shimano type crank.

Di2 / EPS Compatibility

The new BB30 conversion has wiring holes drilled into it for internally routed wiring. The PF30 sleeve does not have the same holes.

Media Links

  • Installation Video
  • "Praxis Works showed what we feel is the most thoroughly designed BB/PF30-to-24mm bottom bracket adapter currently on the market." - James Huang, Cyclingnews / Bike Radar [Link]

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