Pacenti Road Hub Front

Pacenti Road Hub Front
Pacenti Road Hub Front
Pacenti Road Hub Front
Pacenti Road Hub Front
Pacenti Road Hub Front

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Weight74 grams
Axle Diameter15 mm
Bearings6802 (2)
Wheel Building Specifications
Flange Diameter33.7 mm
Center to Flange39.5 mm
Pacenti Road Hub Front Front 20 hole, Black $150.00  1 Remaining
Pacenti Road Hub Front Front 24 hole, Black $150.00 Notify Me When Available


Pacenti, a US based manufacturer, is slowly expanding their product lineup from their roots of supporting small frame builders to the world of component design and production. Throughout 2014, Pacenti will slowly launch several different hubs and other components to complement the popular SL23 rim. All of these hubs will be manufactured in the USA using parts sourced from US distributors, with the exception of the Enduro bearings.

As with all front hubs the initial idea is simple, yet the true test of durability and strength as a component of the wheel is in the details. The Pacenti hub looks well versed, and it's immediately obvious that a good amount of research was done before production. The hub uses a large diameter 15mm alloy axle to save weight. The hub shell itself is elegantly machined, polished and anodized and shows nothing but a clean process with a lot of attention given to every detail. The flanges are slightly angled inwards on the hub providing a better spoke angle when building. The flange is also concave to allow the spoke elbow to bend while still engaging the head with as much material as possible in the flange.


Service is a simple affair with the Pacenti front hub -- a 5mm allen wrench and a rubber hammer will easily remove the axle. If you're looking to replace the two 6802 bearings we highly recommend using a quality bearing press or talking to your local bike shop.


We recommend that wheels with Pacenti hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly.

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