KinLin XC-279 / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset

KinLin XC-279 / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset

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KinLin XC-279 / DT Swiss 350 Wheelbuild Specs
Weight 1710 grams
Front Hub DT Swiss 350
Rear Hub DT Swiss 350
Spokes Sapim Laser
Rims KinLin XC-279
Spoke Count 28 front, 28 rear
Use road racing, training
KinLin XC-279 / DT Swiss 350 Wheelset Shimano $525.00 In Stock


Durability is its middle name: handcrafted with strength and longevity in mind, this wheelset is perfect for heavier riders and harsh conditions. The wider profile of the new KinLin XC-279 rims adds an aerodynamic advantage over narrower rims. This wheelset is laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs, an excellent choice for the all-around dependable training set. Laced up with Sapim Laser spokes, this wheelset weighs in at a respectable 1704 grams.

KinLin XC-279 Rims

The KinLin XC-279, the latest from KinLin, offers a rim width of 23mm. This is 4mm wider than the original KinLin 270 rims. This increased width offers better aerodynamics and handling. The profile is rounded at the nipples, making a shape comparable to HED's Belgium rim. The profile is 1 mm taller as well. The rim is extruded from a superlight Niobium-Aluminum alloy and joined with a high quality pinned joint. Finish work on these rims includes glossy anodization and machined sidewalls.

DT Swiss 350 Hubs

DT Swiss has certainly made a name for itself with trouble free performance. The 350 hubs are certainly no exception. These hubs are highly durable, smooth, and surprisingly lightweight for the price tag. The front and rear hubs weigh in at 149g and 252g, respectively.

Sapim Laser Spokes

Sapim's Laser spokes feature an aggressively butted midsection, which serves the purposes of decreasing weight and increasing fatigue life. This midsection is formed with Sapim's proprietary forging process, which "stretches" the spoke to maintain maximum strength. Only slightly heavier than their bladed counterparts, Laser spokes are available at about half the price, making them an excellent choice for lightweight, inexpensive wheel builds.

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