KCNC Road Chainrings

KCNC Road Chainrings

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Weight, 34t33 grams
Weight, 50t100 grams
Weight, 39t40 grams
Weight, 53t88 grams
KCNC Road Chainrings 110 BCD, 34 tooth $44.00 Notify Me When Available
KCNC Road Chainrings 130 BCD, 39 tooth $44.00 Notify Me When Available
KCNC Road Chainrings 130 BCD, 53 tooth $44.00 Notify Me When Available


A great deal of design ingenuity goes into the production of chainrings. Steel pins and relieved ramps must be properly shaped and placed to allow the chain to shift smoothly from ring to ring without jamming or wearing too quickly through the delicate aluminum material. KCNC has accomplished this, and they've done a magnificent job with their line of chainrings in the process. While these aren't the lightest or the best-looking rings around, they simply work well. This makes them a great inexpensive aftermarket replacement once your stock chainrings wear out, or as a first set for cranksets sold without chainrings. KCNC rings have a sublte bead-blasted and black anodized finished finish that looks great with most currently available cranksets. A tasteful amount of machining helps save weight and add some sparkle to non-wearing parts of the rings.

KCNC's 53 and 39 tooth road chainrings are compatible with Shimano standard 130 mm BCD cranks, while the 34 and 50 tooth chainrings are compatible with compact standard 110 mm BCD cranks. Installation requires tools for removing chainring bolts, and in some cases it may be required to remove the right side crank arm.

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